· New high speed and high capacity transport system, low environmental impact, low energy consumption, pocket material std;

· Power and integration of e-commerce; the old economy is jointed with the new economy on the B2B and B2C;

· Small size tube to connect houses, office, industries, hospital, store, ů..

· Incoming /sending devices: high speed for industries, low speed for house, etc

· High speed electromagnetic switching system

· Polyphase synchronous linear motors LSM, max acceleration=2g, payload: each capsule type A up to 20kg or capsule type B up to 120 kg,

· Velocity standard:

Low Velocity LV:(subsonic) up to 300-500 km/h for urban transport (vacuum system is optional) Bidirectional
Mean Velocity MV: from 300-500 to 1500 km/h single direction
High Velocity HV: more than 1500 km/h single direction